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Care products with a hint of horse milk

This dairy farm especially for horse milk was opened bij Judith and Gijsbert Bouw in the fall of 2010. In the Arkemheen polder, the horses and their foals have plenty of space to graze and run.

We discovered that there was a need for skin-friendly careproducts. We contacted a specialised cosmetics company who helped us in creating our very first product. Every product we designed was based on the natural power of herbs and flowers. With added fresh horsemilk to enhance those natural powers. 

All the care products are produced in the Netherlands with fresh horsemilk from Horsemilkery Achterduijst.

Do you have any questions regarding our products or horsemilk in general?
Send us a message, visit one of the markets or stop by our store.

Yours truely, Judith Bouw
EcoControl label
All of our products are natural and, when possible,
with organic raw materials. Our products have the
EcoControl label and are all made with fresh horsemilk.
Conditioner - "Equuleus"
15% Discount

Conditioner - "Equuleus"

€ 8,06 € 6,85
Conditioner for your hair. 100% natural, soothing and hydrating. Nourishes and doesn't leave any residu. The hair doesn't look greasy but will curl fantasticaly. Without perfume but has a soft and natural lavender scent.
Available in 50 ml and 200 ml.
Facecream - "OP en TOP"
11% Discount

Facecream - "OP en TOP"

€ 23,00 € 20,50
Soothing, moisturizing face cream. The elasticity and resilience of the skin are repaired in a natural way. With UVA filter and a perfume that's suitable for people with alergies.